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2010-02-28 / Editorial


What’s police union’s real motive? Editor,

The article in Wednesday’s paper concerning the proposed overthrow of the Kingsville City Charter left me asking several questions, to wit, what “problem” is this expensive exercise intended to address; what is the police union’s interest here; and why does this group wish to disenfranchise the voters of Kingsville in regard to the election of our mayor?

I feel that the group promoting this plan has a long way to go in answering these questions before asking the citizenry of Kingsville to even consider their proposal.

Hugh Lieck

The real meaning of ‘Pride’ Editor:

This letter to the editor is in response to the article titled “Pride No Mo” under The Sports Page.

What is Academy Pride? A former and current Academy High School students can easily answer this question but can Mary Springs do the same?

Definitely not. As I was reading the Kingsville Record, I came across an article that was rather disturbing. Santa Gertrudis ISD is changing the mascot for both, the Santa Gertrudis School as well as Academy High School.

Before this inconsiderate change, Academy High School’s mascot was known as the Pride; meanwhile Santa Gertrudis School’s mascot was known as the Pioneers.

To many, the Pride is much more than a family of lions. To current students and alumni, the word has a deep and true meaning. It means much more — to “Bleed Blue.” Pride encompasses school pride, school unity and more importantly, uniqueness. What other school in the region can say that?

According to Springs, renaming the mascot from “Academy Pride” to “Academy Lions” was to unify both Santa Gertrudis School and Academy High School. This claim is simply ridiculous.

Academy High School and Santa Gertrudis Schools were already unified long before she arrived or before this suggestion was ever made.

Furthermore, Springs announced that the students of the school district demonstrated more support for “The Lions” through a survey that was taken in the Summer of 2009 so the school board trustees had no choice but to approve the mascot change.

Truth be told, this assertion is hard to believe. No evidence supporting Springs’ argument has been brought to light. Moreover, she has very little to no support from alumni or faculty, seeing as how she failed to include them in this alleged survey that was taken.

On the contrary, support for “The Pride” is strong. Facebook pages that protest this change are available online for anyone to see.

To some, this mascot change has no value; however, current and former students, as well as some faculty would agree that this change is causing a great divide and stirring up a great deal of controversy amongst the Santa Gertrudis School District.

Springs has already created enough controversy for SGISD. Is this new item on Springs’ agenda really necessary?

Jo Ann Vasquez

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